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Who we are...Our Roots

Westridge High School in Harare opened its doors to high school students in 1999.  Our story, however, started before these doors ever opened.  Hindoo men and women had a vision that all young Zimbabweans should access knowledge, be enlightened and ultimately serve others. Through their commitment and dedication these founding fathers (and mothers) directed their energy towards the construction of our high school.  The very foundations of our school are built on a strong work ethic, the value and potential of young people, a belief in investing in the future and financial prudence.  Our roots speak of who we are and where we have come from…

Our Vision… Our Dream

“Every young Zimbabwean, equipped with twenty first century skills, contributes personally to national and even global development.”

This is our vision for all young people of character in this country, that they are equipped and responsive to the demands of the twenty first century.  With pride, they make their unique contribution.


Westridge High School is proud of it’s academic record and particularly the performance of its pupils in public examinations.


The school offers sports which include cricket,  squash, badminton, table tennis, hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, soccer and netball.

The school has specialist rooms for Science, Computer Animation, Design & Technology, Design Textiles, Art and more

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Corona Virus Update!

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