Books for Africa (BFA) is the world’s largest donor of books to Africa. BFA has since 1988 shipped more than 24 million books to 45 African countries. Its mission is to end the book famine in Africa. On the 6thof March 2014, Westridge High School received a 40 -foot sea container of 22,000 donated textbooks and library books from the United States. BFA had partnered with Mr D. Chouhan (our Headmaster) and companies such as Rank Wholesalers to ensure that the container gets to Westridge High School hassle free. This venture was also made possible with the help of many benefactors abroad who have strong ties with Southern Africa, this being their way to give back to a place that they have taken or benefitted so much from. The boxes of books were all intact on arrival at Westridge High School. The school selected the books they would need and immediately embarked on a mission to distribute the remaining ones to under-privileged schools in and around Harare. The books were prepared in such a way that each book had a stamp indicating that it was a donation from Books for Africa, received through Westridge High School and forwarded to the receiving school. Firstly the books were selected according to their type e.g. Maths, Science etc. The quantities of books were determined by the receiving school’s needs and and infrastructure. W.H.S. took it upon its self to ferry the books to the designated destinations and only in a few cases did they ask the receiving school to provide transport. Donations have been made to six schools comprising two mission schools, two rural schools, one urban school and The Harare City Library. Distribution of the books is in progress and the intention is to complete the task before the beginning of term 2015. W.H.S. has kept a record of the whole distribution process and has a mandate to give feedback to the donors. All the books were well received and the authorities at the receiving schools/institutions were touched and quite delighted at receiving such an excellent consignment of worthy books. MRS BHANA (Librarian)

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