Who are we?

A multi cultural, multi- racial, non-governmental, non-profit making and educational institution that offers secondary education from Form 1 to Upper Six. We operate under the auspices of the Hindu Society (Responsible Authority) and within the confines of the regulatory instruments outlined by the parent ministry ie Ministry of Education, Art, Sports and Culture. The founders’ vision of providing quality, all round education that stretches and satisfies every child spiritually, physically, intellectually, culturally and emotionally (spiced) with the cornerstones of the school’s philosophy.

We aim to create and maintain the an exciting and rewarding learning environment that educates, enlightens and makes pupils functional in the society which they will serve.

What is our Policy/Aim

A principal objective is to provide quality all round education through a user friendly curriculum and selection of subjects that embrace human values, mould our boys into gentlemen and girls and girls into ladies, and recognise that good conduct and behaviour impact positively on learning outcomes. Our policy emanates from the twin pillars of human values based education and multi racial/multiculturalism. We pursue our broad objective within the context of:

  • The overall mission and policy of the responsible authority (Hindoo Society) which emphasises character building and personality enhancing
  • The policy and requirements of the parent ministry (Ministry of education)
  • Zimbabwe multi-racial /religious/cultural society where children’s real racial, cultural and religious and linguistic backgrounds will be exploited to positive advantage.
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