Mission…What we do

With our partners, we provide an environment where talents and interests of a learner are nurtured. The four pillars of academics, sport, culture and pastoral care enable young people to identify a path for their future. We equip them with the education and the confidence to follow that path. Our partners in this mission include, the government of Zimbabwe, the Association of Trust Schools in Zimbabwe, Cambridge International (UK) and others who share our vision.


Our values… providing focus and keeping strong

The way we conduct ourselves towards one another in the school community and towards those outside, is governed by our belief in human values:

  • Truth…this value is foundational. It speaks to our honesty and integrity in all that we do and say.
  • Mutual Respect… This value is passed down to us from our Founders. To give and to receive respect demonstrates our humanity.
  • .. Our school is a haven and an escape from the conflict and dissent in the world. We seek harmony above discord.
  • Good conduct…as respectful and peace loving citizens we show this in our behaviour and habits.

We acknowledge that our values have to be understood, accepted, internalised and then practiced. At first they may seem far-off and inspirational but in time they become embedded in who we are.

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